Samantha has a very indepth knowledge of social care and the management of care services. This, combined with her huge capacity for hard work and her attention to detail, means that she has proved to be a very effective interim home manager. She has strong interpersonal skills and combines good empathy with the ability to get things done.​

Ernie Graham, Owner

Our staff was ‘splintered’ and unsure and not working as a team; now we know what’s required and how to move forward. Our home was closed to admissions and failing in leadership and two other elements; this is no longer the case due to Sam.

Gaye Harvey, PA to Home Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with Samantha at different care homes throughout the years and seen first-hand the difference she has made with the policies and procedures she has introduced. I have also witnessed the kind and caring manner she offers to the residents. The type of care you would want for any family better and a great example to the rest of the staff. A true asset to the care industry.

Stewart Steedman, Visioncare at Home

If one of my loved ones needed to be in a residential care or nursing home, I’d want it to be managed by someone with Sam’s qualities and high standards, or, an organisation that has taken expert advice from Sam’s consultancy.

Xina Gooding Broderick, Gooding Funeral Services

I had the pleasure of working with Sam when she came as an interim Manager to restore a care home that had gained a poor rating with the CQC. Sam worked tirelessly and turned the home around to the extent that we are now confidently expecting our next inspection. She has rallied staff to the cause and motivated them to improve and take pride in their work. She has installed effective daily, weekly and monthly internal monitoring systems that are now embedded and sustained. Sam has addressed each challenge and task in an organised and methodical manner from the beginning until completion. Beyond her professional achievement, what I appreciated the most was the way she engaged with residents and relatives and embraced their perspective with genuine empathy.

Fabienne Suzanne Delacroix, Compliance Manager

Sam was brought in as crisis manager to turn around this failing home, and ‘turn it around’ she has. In the time she has been here, I have watched her unite the team again, investigate, resolve the safeguarding issues raised, build relationships with all multi-disciplinary teams and build confidence again with residents, relatives and staff. We are respected again and have re-built relationships with our relatives, residents and CQC & CCG & LA because Sam has promoted us and inspired us to do so.

Gaye Harvey, Finance Administrator

Samantha worked with me on a training project to support social care managers and senior staff in their preparation for inspections – whether by the regulator or other inspecting bodies. Samantha’s knowledge and confident delivery of key information was top quality. Her style of delivery means that she is engaging and informative.

Sue Ascott, Head of Learning and Development

Samantha was kind enough to undertake a quality project and become my external advisor at Helme Hall. Sam has a depth of understanding around quality care not often seen. Sam has a full grasp of regulatory requirements and brings positivity to any provider she works with.

Patrick Hennessey, Helme Hall Ltd