Management Coaching

Management Consultancy

Management Coaching

No matter how much experience we have in a role, we should never stop working on our personal development. Some of the most successful people in the world work with coaches to ensure they continue to perform at their best. At Carewithal, we provide expert management coaching, mentoring and advisory services.

When do you need management coaching?

Support a new manager

Settling into a new role can be challenging, especially if the previous manager was particularly bad or good, or held the role for a long time.

Support an underperforming manager

Underperforming doesn’t mean incapable. The right guidance, support and coaching can help a struggling manager get back on track and reach their potential.

Create an improvement strategy

Not all managers have experience in creating actionable, sustainable improvement strategies and implementing change effectively.

During a takeover or restructure

Transition periods can be particularly tricky to manage, especially when there is job uncertainty among team members.

When a service is in crisis

An experienced care consultant can guide a manager and their team through a crisis effectively without allowing it to escalate.

Aiming for outstanding

Achieving excellence is not an easy task, but with the help of an experienced care consultant, managers can lead their teams from good to outstanding.

Why Carewithal?

Carewithal owner and director, Sam Barclay, is a highly experienced care consultant who works with care professionals to improve care services for the elderly. Her expertise within the industry, knowledge of how to achieve best practice, and passion for delivering exceptional standards will benefit any management team.

Sam believes that every care manager has the potential to deliver quality care if they have the right support and guidance. Using a combination of professional training and real-world experience, Sam provides that support and guidance.

Whether you’re a manager who would benefit from extra coaching, or you feel your current care manager needs additional support, Sam can help.

Client feedback

If one of my loved ones needed to be in a residential care or nursing home, I’d want it to be managed by someone with Sam’s qualities and high standards, or, an organisation that has taken expert advice from Sam’s consultancy.

Xina Gooding Broderick, Gooding Funeral Services

Let’s talk

If you are unsure about how Carewithal can help you, get in touch. Our consultancy services are completely flexible, so that you, your manager and your teams get the right support. Let us help you ensure the success and quality of your care service.

Contact us today to find out more about our management coaching and consultancy services.