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Interim Management

It doesn’t matter whether your care home is outstanding or on the verge of closure, an interim manager offers many benefits during periods of transition. They can maintain standards until a new manager is recruited, or bring the standards up to a respectable level ready for a new manager to take control.

When do you need an interim manager?

Management vacancy

A good recruitment process shouldn’t be rushed. An interim manager allows you to take your time finding the best person for the permanent role.

Previous manager was dismissed

An interim manager will take care of any negative residue and restore the standards ready for the new manager to take over.

Multiple managers over a short period

An interim manager will give an unbiased perspective into what is causing the high turnover and help you select the right person for the permanent role.

Manager has left after long service

An interim manager gives the team time to ‘grieve’ the loss of their old manager and come to terms with change.

Organisation undergoing a restructure

If you have recently acquired a care home or are restructuring the team, an interim manager can maintain standards during the transition.

Why Carewithal?

All our interim management placements are undertaken by Sam Barclay, a highly experienced care consultant. Sam will manage your care service with one goal; to leave the service in a better condition than when she arrives.

Where the role is simply a holding position, Sam will spend time getting to know the team, the residents and the systems. She will then provide expert advice about what type of person would be most suitable for the permanent role. Her insight can prove invaluable, helping you recruit the right person with the necessary skills, and providing support while they settle into their new role.

When the circumstances are a little more complex, Sam brings objectivity and focus. She doesn’t get caught up in emotions surrounding job uncertainty or loyalties to previous managers. Her aim is to create stability and prepare the team and stakeholders for change. Once the service is ready for a new manager, Sam will help with the recruitment and successful integration.

Whether the post is short-term or long-term, you can be confident that your service is in safe hands with Sam.

Client feedback

I had the pleasure of working with Sam when she came as an interim Manager to restore a care home that had gained a poor rating with the CQC. Sam worked tirelessly and turned the home around to the extent that we are now confidently expecting our next inspection. She has rallied staff to the cause and motivated them to improve and take pride in their work. She has installed effective daily, weekly and monthly internal monitoring systems that are now embedded and sustained. Sam has addressed each challenge and task in an organised and methodical manner from the beginning until completion. Beyond her professional achievement, what I appreciated the most was the way she engaged with residents and relatives and embraced their perspective with genuine empathy.

Fabienne Suzanne Delacroix, Compliance Manager

Let’s talk

If you aren’t sure whether an interim manager is the right move, then give us a call. We can talk you through the process and help you make the best decision for the needs of your service. Our consultancy services are completely flexible, so even if it turns out you don’t need a full-time consultant, we can support in other ways.

Contact us today to find out more about our interim management and consultancy services.