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Crisis Management

In an ideal world, our care services would never slip into crisis, but unfortunately, concerns are often not addressed early enough, meaning drastic action is needed. Fortunately, with the help of an experienced care consultant, crisis situations can be turned around effectively. If your care service is in crisis, act now before it becomes too late.

When do you need crisis management?

Poor inspection results

If you have just had a poor regulatory inspection, this is a clear indication that change is required and expert advice is needed.

Safeguarding issue

You have a duty to protect those in your care from abuse or neglect. If you have a safeguarding issue, urgent action is essential to avoid serious consequences.

High level of complaints

If you are getting multiple complaints, then this is a sure sign that something is not quite right with the service you are delivering.

Admissions freeze

When an admissions freeze is in place, you need an expert care consultant to bring your care service back up to standard and prevent a relapse.

High staff turnover

High staff turnover is not only costly, it is also disruptive to those in your care. A care consultant can find the underlying cause and create greater stability.

Why Carewithal?

All our crisis management services are undertaken by Sam Barclay, a highly experienced care consultant. Sam has proven experience in the successful turnaround of care services in crisis. Her cool head and pragmatic approach combined with her empathy, energy and enthusiasm and genuine passion for providing quality care make her an asset to any care service.

The first step is understanding where attention is needed most urgently and getting these areas under control. Sam will then look at the bigger picture to create actionable improvement plans, implement necessary changes and ensure new systems and processes are fully embedded.

If your care home is in crisis or facing a crisis, then now is the time to act. Call Carewithal to find out how we can help.

Client feedback

Sam was brought in as crisis manager to turn around this failing home, and ‘turn it around’ she has. In the time she has been here, I have watched her unite the team again, investigate, resolve the safeguarding issues raised, build relationships with all multi-disciplinary teams and build confidence again with residents, relatives and staff. We are respected again and have re-built relationships with our relatives, residents and CQC & CCG & LA because Sam has promoted us and inspired us to do so.

Gaye Harvey, Finance Administrator

Let’s talk

If your care home is in crisis or you have an issue you need expert guidance on, then give Carewithal a call. If there is a risk to those in your care, then we will advise on the appropriate actions. Don’t risk prosecution, enforcement or closure by ignoring a crisis. Get the help and support you need from Carewithal