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Complaints and incident investigation & RCA

Nobody likes getting a complaint, and sometimes it can be hard to admit to a mistake. However, ignoring complaints or trying to cover up an incident will inevitably lead to further complications and could turn a manageable event into a serious crisis. An independent investigation and root cause analysis will help you get on top of potentially damaging situations.


Responding quickly and effectively to complaints and incidents allows you to regain control of a situation and put forward an informed defence should a case result in legal action.

An external investigation into a complaint or incident shows that you are taking things seriously. This encourages a culture of transparency and honesty, rather than mistrust and secrecy, which in turn gives employees, stakeholders and service users more confidence in your organisation.

Once an investigation has been conducted and a full root cause analysis has been performed, you can use the findings to prevent similar incidents occurring in the future.

What to expect

An experienced care consultant will conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into any complaints or incidents. They will speak to all the parties involved and put together a detailed account of the facts.

They will also perform a root cause analysis to understand what the underlying issues were leading up to the event. Was it a consequence of human error, inadequate systems or lack of training? Are other individuals at risk? What actions should be taken to resolve the complaint and prevent future incidents?

Your Carewithal consultant will work with you to put appropriate measures in place to manage the situation effectively.

Why Carewithal?

We understand that mistakes happen and where possible, we want to help you avoid legal action or dismissals. However, our priority is always the individuals in your care. With that in mind, you can trust us to conduct a comprehensive and impartial investigation that gets to the root of any incident or complaint.

While this may raise some uncomfortable truths, it will also put you in a stronger position to deal with them and make the necessary improvements. This will not only benefit those in your care, but your employees too.

Let’s talk

Don’t bury your head in the sand. Deal with complaints and incidents professionally and responsibly with Carewithal. Contact us to conduct an independent investigation and root cause analysis.