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People enter the care system because they are vulnerable and in need of care.

Children and babies that don’t have a home for various reasons.  This could be due to being victims of abuse within their own homes, by their own families; because their biological family cannot look after them, financially or emotionally; or due to disability or behavioural concerns.

Our childhood generation entering in to early adulthood with a diagnosis of a mental health issue, some of whom may have crime and/or drug related concerns.  Or are adults who have grown up with a learning or physical disability, and their parents (either biological or otherwise,) are no longer able to support them in adulthood.

Adults who have committed crimes and want to enter back in to a society without crime.  Sometimes these people have also been diagnosed with a mental health issue or learning disability which has resulted in to a mitigating factor in to their criminal activity.

Ex-military personnel after receiving horrific life changing injuries, or who are dealing with post-traumatic stress through memories most of us could not begin to comprehend.

People looking for rehabilitation or reablement following an injury or illness.  Your next-door neighbour, the person who smiled at you today, served you your morning coffee, your taxi driver, the person you walked past on the street…

Then we come to our elderly society!  

Our spouses; parents, and grandparents, the people who have paved the way we live today.  The inventors who without we wouldn’t be the intelligent society we are; the healthcare professionals who supported our healthy upbringing; our tradespeople who created the world we live in; our military, police, and emergency services who save our lives; the creative people who make our surroundings beautiful…

And yet, I still hear about and witness people being abused when they are at their most vulnerable

·     Is it financial, do we not pay our front-line care staff enough?

·     Is it environmental, are our care homes not nice places to work?

·     Is it the illness, are care staff unable to cope?

·     Is it fatigue, are care staff over-worked?

This brings me on to my last question which I ask regularly; ‘Can Compassionate Care be taught?’

I have so many opinions on this matter; mainly I do genuinely believe that compassion is part of our natural self; but can we nurture people to become more compassionate?  To deliver care without question, to leave our own values and beliefs to one side when caring for someone in their time of need?

I want to leave that up for debate…

I ask 2 further questions…

How can we stop abuse from happening in care?

How can we ensure the right people are employed in care?

I look forward to reading your opinions…  Together let’s share the care.

‘Carewithal is proud to support care services in improving quality for our elderly and most vulnerable in society.’

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