Nurture, it’s in our nature

I’m Sam, and I care about care.

I started my career in care back in 1994 as a nursing assistant. Over the decades that followed, I progressed through various roles, gaining several formal qualifications as well as a wealth of experience.

I was fortunate enough to see care services at their very best, but I also saw my fair share of horrors. What I quickly realised is that care professionals are often afraid to speak out about their concerns. This can be through fear of losing their job, fear of getting themselves or others into trouble, or simply due to a lack of knowledge around what best practice looks like.

There’s no denying that some individuals who work in care homes should not be there. However, much more common are people who do want to deliver high standards of care but lack the knowledge or resources to do so.

My goal is to help as many care homes as possible achieve excellence by supporting teams and working with them to deliver better care for our elderly and vulnerable communities.


  • To help care providers improve their provision and ability to deliver better care for our elderly and most vulnerable communities
  • To give qualified and consistently up-to-date advice on care industry regulations and compliance
  • To help care providers make rational and informed decisions
  • To always focus our care on the individual – it’s what really matters

What you can expect

Although I have a team around me to support the running of my business, I believe in the hands-on approach, which is why I carry out all consultancy work myself.

Whether your care home is in crisis or you simply want to maintain excellent standards, my support, knowledge and expertise will help you achieve your objectives.

I’m not on a witch hunt. I don’t go into care homes looking for people to blame or things I can criticise. I create solutions, not problems. My number one priority is the individuals in your care.

Almost my entire working life has been spent in the care industry; care has never been just a job to me, it is my passion. The work I do with care homes truly makes a difference to the lives of the individuals in their care, and that is the motivation behind everything I do.

If you’re serious about providing quality care, then contact me today.